Rock salt


Rock Salt Alternative is the all new environmentally friendly product that melts ice and snow more effectively than the old rock salt but without the corrosive nature and without the mess and residue.

Rock salt

Environmentally friendly

No mess and no residue, less corrosive than rock salt and can be used on all external hard standing areas.

Rock salt

Pet safe

Will not harm your pets or other wildlife and does not have the caustic effect of grit salt on animal paws.

Rock salt

Vegetation viable

The high levels of sodium chloride in road salt is toxic to plants and vegetation and damages roots, foliage and soil

Rock salt

No damage to eco or water systems

High levels of salt are known to endanger fresh water ecosystems and aquatic life as well as drinking sources.

Rock salt

Faster acting

Proven to act faster than gritting salt as it works by generating heat to melt through the snow and ice.

Rock salt

Works at lower temperatures

Works on ice at temperatures below the freezing point of salt grit (Minus 210 Celsius).

The rock salt alternative that really works

Local authorities and environment agencies have grappled with the problem of toxic corrosiveness in rock salt for a long time and have struggled to find a workable solution until now.

Rock Salt Alternative is a revolutionary way of dealing with de-icing and removing snow and ice from roads, pathways and other hard standing areas. This unique product actually melts the snow and ice by heating up and its composition means that there is none of the mess or residue left by traditional rock salt.

To find out more about the benefits of Rock Salt Alternative email us here for our product information sheet and details of your local stockists.

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